A resident of Belmont Lodge in her bedroom

At entry, residents should be at least of pensionable age, be reasonably fit, capable of looking after themselves, making their own breakfast and keeping their room tidy. However anyone suffering, for example, from arthritis, deteriorating eye-sight or a mild heart condition will not necessarily be excluded. Residents are encouraged to pursue their personal interests.

An interview will be arranged for all prospective residents, and an opportunity given to view the house. When the necessary forms have been completed, the next step is a two week stay in the guest room, on a "getting-to-know-you" basis. When a vacancy occurs admission is dependant on a satisfactory report from the Society's Admissions Doctor.

Residents should have a valid Will and an Enduring Power of Attorney in place, and are strongly advised to insure the contents of their room and their possessions. The Society cannot accept responsibility for any losses.

Current room charges, availability, and more information can be obtained from the Admissions Secretaries of each House. The charges include all food, light, heat, etc. As a charity, and because of volunteer input, our charges are kept to a minimum, and are extremely reasonable. Any prospective resident whose capital is below a specified level (23,250 at the time of writing, 2010), is entitled by statute to the full rental element set by Social Services. You should contact your Local Authority for more information.

Should you or one of your relatives or friends be interested in becoming a resident in Belmont Lodge, now or in the near future, please contact our Admissions Secretary, who will be pleased to provide you with more details, and may arrange to show you one of the houses.

Our vacancies page shows rooms which are currently available. Please see the contact page for address, email and telephone details.